Wednesday, March 22, 2023

7 AM Wed Mar 22 2023 UTC - News Sentiment Report

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Result of analysing 796 articles
GMT: 7 AM Wed Mar 22 | CST: 2 AM Wed Mar 22

United States 9.0% mostly: Positive
Newest: Who is Alvin Bragg, Manhattan DA in potential Donald Trump indictment? Link
China 6.0% mostly: Positive
Newest: Climate change: China’s coal reliance raises alarms as UN IPCC moves net-zero deadlines ahead 10 years for 1.5-degree .. Link
Donald Trump 4.0% mostly: Neutral
Newest: How Trump will use Stormy Daniels case to fire up his 2024 election campaign Link
Ukraine 4.0% mostly: Neutral
Newest: Russia’s Putin blasts UK move to send depleted uranium tank ammunition to Ukraine Link
Police 4.0% mostly: Neutral
Newest: UK counter terrorism police investigating after man set on fire near mosque Link
Afghanistan 2.0% mostly: Neutral
Newest: Powerful earthquake kills at least 11 people in Afghanistan and Pakistan Link
Moscow 2.0% mostly: Neutral
Newest: China’s Ukraine plan ‘an effort to show it backs peace rather than Russia’ Link
Technology 2.0% mostly: Neutral
Newest: Who needs a teacher? As ChatGPT takes off in Hong Kong, educationists worry about impact on teaching, learning Link
Russia 2.0% mostly: Neutral
Newest: As Japan’s Kishida and India’s Modi share common China concerns, they can’t agree on Ukraine stance Link
Hong Kong 2.0% mostly: Neutral
Newest: Thailand’s Chearavanont clan plans to set up Hong Kong family office, heeding city’s ‘Wealth for Good’ call to set up .. Link


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