Thursday, February 23, 2023

11 PM Thu Feb 23 2023 UTC - News Sentiment Report

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Result of analysing 808 articles
GMT: 11 PM Thu Feb 23 | CST: 5 PM Thu Feb 23

China 5.0% mostly: Positive
Newest: UN votes overwhelmingly to demand Russia withdraw from Ukraine Link
United States 4.0% mostly: Positive
Newest: US plans to expand training of Taiwanese forces Link
Russia 3.0% mostly: Neutral
Newest: Russia to launch replacement spacecraft for astronauts stranded by coolant leak Link
India 3.0% mostly: Positive
Newest: BBC won't be 'put off' covering India by tax raids and censorship Link
Police 2.0% mostly: Neutral
Newest: Nigeria opposition senatorial candidate gunned down days before crucial elections Link
Joe Biden 2.0% mostly: Positive
Newest: Biden nominates former MasterCard exec Ajay Banga to lead World Bank Link
Ukraine 2.0% mostly: Neutral
Newest: CNN reporter walks through town Russia is 'struggling' to seize Link
Death 2.0% mostly: Neutral
Newest: US journalist reporting on Florida murder killed after gunman returns to scene of the crime Link
Donald Trump 1.0% mostly: Neutral
Newest: Trump and FBI director can be deposed in lawsuit from ex-FBI agent Peter Strzok, judge rules Link
Australia 1.0% mostly: Positive
Newest: Australian space telescope uncovers ‘mind-blowing monster’ galaxies near cosmic dawn Link


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