Wednesday, November 30, 2022

3 PM Wed Nov 30 2022 UTC - News Sentiment Report

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Result of analysing 1171 articles
GMT: 3 PM Wed Nov 30 | CST: 9 AM Wed Nov 30

Bitcoin 18.0% mostly: Negative
Newest: Nigerian crypto startups are laying staff off to stay afloat Link
Crypto 11.0% mostly: Positive
Newest: European Central Bank Says Bitcoin Is On 'Road to Irrelevance' Link
United States 5.0% mostly: Positive
Newest: Bitcoin (BTC) Hits $17K for the First Time in Two Weeks; Will the Market Bounce? By DailyCoin Link
China 4.0% mostly: Negative
Newest: ‘Finally, you are here!’: Chinese astronauts in historic encounter aboard Tiangong space station Link
Covid-19 2.0% mostly: Neutral
Newest: Hong Kong could face bigger flu outbreak this winter due to weakened immunity amid Covid-19 pandemic, authorities warn Link
Japan 2.0% mostly: Neutral
Newest: Binance re-enters the Japanese market with purchase of SEBC exchange Link
Police 2.0% mostly: Positive
Newest: Meghan and Harry faced 'disgusting and very real' threats, ex-counterterror chief says Link
Hong Kong 1.0% mostly: Negative
Newest: Hong Kong draws lessons from FTX collapse, says regulations needed to develop virtual asset market Link
Brazil 1.0% mostly: Positive
Newest: Brazilian Regulators Approve Bill to Allow Crypto Payments By CoinEdition Link
Twitter 1.0% mostly: Neutral
Newest: 5 Common Twitter Scams and How to Avoid Them Link


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