Wednesday, October 26, 2022

3 PM Wed Oct 26 2022 UTC - News Sentiment Report

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Result of analysing 972 articles
GMT: 3 PM Wed Oct 26 | CST: 10 AM Wed Oct 26

Bitcoin 17.0% mostly: Positive
Newest: Why is the crypto market up today? Link
Crypto 9.0% mostly: Positive
Newest: How do cryptozoologists feel about cryptocurrency? Link
United States 7.0% mostly: Negative
Newest: Cash App users can now receive Bitcoin via the Lightning Network Link
China 3.0% mostly: Positive
Newest: Germany backs China’s Cosco shipping on Hamburg port bid despite national security warnings Link
United Kingdom 3.0% mostly: Positive
Newest: Coinscrum Celebrates 10th Anniversary - Relaunch Event Announced Link
Russia 2.0% mostly: Positive
Newest: Ukraine could soon need US$4 billion a month just for power and water after Russia bombed energy infrastructure, IMF s.. Link
Covid-19 2.0% mostly: Neutral
Newest: Coronavirus: could China inhale its way out of zero-Covid restrictions with oral inoculations? Link
Technology 2.0% mostly: Neutral
Newest: Google debuts its Web3 Googlers Chats with IoTeX’s Raullen Chai Link
Ukraine 2.0% mostly: Neutral
Newest: Ukraine tells refugees not to return amid energy concerns Link
Dollar 2.0% mostly: Neutral
Newest: Dollar slides on expectations of less hawkish Fed; euro at 1-month high Link


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