Sunday, March 13, 2022

11 PM Sun Mar 13 2022 UTC - News Sentiment Report

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Result of analysing 812 articles
GMT: 11 PM Sun Mar 13 | CST: 6 PM Sun Mar 13

Ukraine 26.0% mostly: Negative
Newest: Chechen leader Kadyrov says he travelled to Ukraine Link
Russia 14.0% mostly: Positive
Newest: Russia, Ukraine to resume conflict talks Monday Link
United States 10.0% mostly: Neutral
Newest: Oscar-winning actor William Hurt dies at age 71 Link
Bitcoin 7.0% mostly: Negative
Newest: Big Inflation, Big Problems Link
China 6.0% mostly: Negative
Newest: Russia seeks military equipment from China after Ukraine invasion: Reports Link
Joe Biden 5.0% mostly: Positive
Newest: Sam Bankman-Fried says Biden's crypto order won't move the needle, but Cameron WInklevoss calls it a watershed. Here a.. Link
India 5.0% mostly: Positive
Newest: Mumbai: First South Asian city to set net-zero carbon emissions timeline and detailed plans Link
Covid-19 4.0% mostly: Negative
Newest: Coronavirus: Former US president Barack Obama tests positive for Covid-19, encourages vaccines Link
Hong Kong 3.0% mostly: Negative
Newest: Hong Kong Observatory reports minor earthquake Link
Crypto 3.0% mostly: Neutral
Newest: US Creates New Crypto Task Force To Choke Flow Of Russian Billionaires’ Money Link


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